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UPVC windows & double glazing

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UPVC is the most popular choice for new and replacement windows because they provide a balance between something that looks good, is practical and good value for money.


UPVC frames are made with unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. When constructed the compound is powdered, heated up and injected into a plastic mould to create the shape. Most windows we replace these days are old UPVC frames that have come to the end of their time. We send these old windows off to be recycled. Research by the manufacturers show that the UPVC can be recycled ten times without having a negative impact on the appearance, quality of performance. They estimate that the same UPVC can be used in making windows for 300 years!


There are many different frame profiles (this is the shape and structure of the frame). This is where you will get the difference in price on UPVC windows. At Suffolk Windows and Doors we don’t sell cheap UPVC profiles. We offer a ten year warranty on the frames and we don’t want to have to return for problems. Since we started, over ten years ago, we have only had a few issues, less than five because we will only use quality frame profiles. Budget windows will have lighter and less strong frames, cheaper hinges, cheaper locks and a higher chance of being faulty.


Where extra strength is required we can get the frames reinforced with steel, for example bay windows that have a structural role.


The construction method means that precision frames can be created time after time. It is worth noting that every window is made to the exact specifications that we provide, every one is bespoke. The level of accuracy is essential for the insulation, sound proofing and locking.


Windows are made with multi-point locking mechanisms for added security. The same hardware used for the locks also ensures that the windows close to the ultimate tightness to guarantee the insulation and sound proofing of the new windows.


UPVC windows are easy to maintain with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Because of our association to Colourchange UPVC you are not restricted to a few colours. Find the style you like and we can colour it for you in any colour you want.

Different window styles.

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