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New windows and replacement windows

If you are looking to replace your windows, and have started looking for businesses to approach for quotations, you may want to visit our showrooms for a better idea of the types of windows available.

Suffolk Windows and Doors are a division of Colourchange UPVC and have a very useful show area on the old Bentwaters base at Rendlesham. At the same show site we have Suffolk Conservatory and Office Garden Rooms giving you an opportunity to see the widest choice of windows.


Our show area displays rooms and buildings with the most popular types of double glazed windows installed. By using these window frames in the buildings, you get a chance to see what they look like “in situ” rather than seeing a cut out corner of a window frame.


As Suffolk Windows and Doors are a division of Colourchange, you are also able to order windows in any colour – the days where you could just order white, light brown, dark brown, Chartwell green or Anthracite grey windows have passed!

Here is a list of the double glazed windows we have available.

10 Year Warranty

All our window frames come with a 10 year warranty. We provide the warranty ourselves, and for added protection, because we are qualified window installers, we also provide you with an independent 10 year warranty.


We like to be very clear about what we provide, the warranties that you hear about on windows and doors will always specify 10 years. However, the glass and furniture (hinges, handles etc.) are not covered for 10 years. This is normally clarified in the small print of a contract. The furniture, unless determined otherwise by the manufacturers, normally has a one year warranty, the glass units are normally covered with a five year warranty.


Colourchange UPVC have been trading for over 10 years. Before that, we were builders and have over 40 years of experience. You can count the number of failed window frames on one hand in all that time. Hinges do get damaged if the window is open and it gets caught by the wind. Double glazed glass units may get damaged if struck, or they could “blow”, where the seal between the panes of glass fails and condensation appears inside. Both cases are very rare.

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