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Bi-fold doors / bi-folding doors

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular thanks to a variety of interior design and property renovation programmes on television.

When they were initially introduced you would have been lucky to get a set for less than £10,000. With so many different manufacturers competing with different brands, the prices have reduced significantly.

We focus on aluminium bi-folds rather than UPVC. Whilst UPVC is cheaper, the strength of aluminium means that you can have thinner frames and a set of doors that are stronger and operate better.

Bringing the outdoors in
with bi-fold doors

For sliding doors and patio doors the “running gear” is very important. This is the wheel and bearing mechanism that connects the doors to the rails on which they operate. As technological advances are made, the ease of operation improves and the sizes of doors increases.

When buying bi-folds you should consider whether you want the doors to open inward into your room or outwards. This largely depends on the space you have and position of your furniture.

We have two examples operating in our show area – if you are considering bi-folds, pop along and have a look. There is also a large set of three part sliders which are useful to compare.

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