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Casement Windows

Casement windows.jpg

What are casement windows?

With so many different terms for windows it is not surprising that people get confused. A casement window is how you would imagine a window. A "sash" sits in a frame with hinges to the side or at the top and it opens outwards.

Casement windows is the proper name for what most people would call a window. Whether it is wood, aluminium or UPVC it is called a casement window. 

There are three main types of construction which are named in a way that relates to how the "sash" opens. The "sash" is the opening part of the window. There is a casement window described as, "Sliding Sash" which as the name suggests is not hinged but slides. "Tilt and Turn" which is a window but has special hinges that allow the sash to be opened in two different ways.

Casement windows are available in different styles: "Sculptured Windows" have a rounded frame edge, sometimes called ovolo, "Chamfered Windows" have an angled, sloped finish to the frame and beading. "Flush Fit Windows" are casement windows where the sash sits flush with the frame on the outside and inside.

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