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Patio Doors

Patio doors are an ideal solution if you are looking for an option which gives you the maximum amount of glass and minimum amount of frame.


Suited to openings that are wider than a standard set of French doors, or where bi-folds would give you a poor glass to frame ratio.

Traditionally UPVC patio doors have one fixed pane of glass and one sliding opener. With patio doors constructed in aluminium, you can have both panes opening.

A concern with French doors is that, if not restrained properly, a gust of wind could blow them open or slam them shut. Either situation could result in damage. Sliding patio doors allow you to leave them partially open with no fear of damage.

Sliding doors operate on “running gear”, which is basically wheels and bearings, the quality of these parts is essential. With the weight of the glass you want many years of trouble free operation of the door and quality matters.

Our years of experience has taught us that cheap sliding doors will lead to trouble.

That doesn’t mean that our Patio Doors are expensive, just that we have selected our suppliers based on a quality and price to ensure you get the best value patio doors.

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