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New windows and doors

If you have found this website you're likely to be looking for windows and doors - and have realised that replacing old products is a bit more complicated than you thought. Through our website we will try to explain the options to help you decide the best way forward. Alternatively, you could visit our showroom which has all the products on display. Sometimes it's easier to see, touch and feel them.

The most popular replacement windows are from our range of upvc products. When people refer to new double glazed windows this is what people are normally thinking about.

If you have started to look for new windows it may help to understand some of the terms that window companies use.


Double glazing is actually the glass, rather than the window, you can find out more about glazing here.


When we talk about "windows" we normally refer to the frame, the main structure of the new window. If you have a window that opens, it has a separate structure, its own frame, which is known as a sash.


Trickle vents are the added ventilation system and you can find out about these here.


At window and door companies we talk about the "profile" of a window or door. This relates to the style of the frame. We have more details on these pages: flush fit windows,  tilt and turn windows, sliding sash windows, Casement windows.

New doors, like new windows, can make a tremendous difference to your home. Front doors are normally produced with a composition of materials and are known as composite doors. Other doors in the house can take the form of single doors, French doors, sliding doors, bi-folds and patio doors. For the different styles we have a preference of the material used to manufacture them, we have explained why in the various sections.

When doors are manufactured, the door and the frame are manufactured together to provide an exact fit, which ensures the door seals work between the frame and the door, eliminating draught and reducing noise.

Your first decision is likely to be the style - other than a new front door, the two main manufacturing materials are UPVC and aluminium. A general rule of thumb is that UPVC is cheaper than aluminium. Aluminium is generally stronger and allows for a thinner profile. Read on to find out more.

Suffolk Windows and Doors are a division of Colourchange UPVC. As the name suggest Colourchange are specialists in colour, this means you can order windows and doors in any colour.

A wide variety of styles & designs

Composite Doors

Composite Doors.JPG

Visit our page about UPVC windows here. UPVC has developed over the years and is the most popular choice for replacement windows. Our range of window profiles are selected from manufacturers with a proven reputation for reliability and performance.


We don't sell the budget range of UPVC windows. Colourchange UPVC, the parent company of Suffolk Windows and Doors, sell to the trade and we know from experience that the budget windows are cheaper because the quality is lower. Thinner frames, lower quality furniture and hinges all lead to requiring more maintenance. We like to fit our windows once and not have to return during the 10 years that we guarantee them!

Aluminium WIndows.jpg

Visit our page about Aluminium windows here. The cost of new aluminium windows used to mean that they were limited to an exclusive clientele and not the choice for the majority. Whilst they are more expensive than the most popular UPVC ranges, the price difference has become less.

With the additional strength offered by aluminium, the manufacturers are able to make the frames with thinner frames. The designs can be sleeker, more modern and flatter. A thinner profile also means that the glazed area is bigger so it lets more light in.

French Doors.JPG

When the UPVC doors were first introduced they were a must have as a replacement for the old wooden doors. Maintenance free, with dramatically improved sound insulation and draught-proofing, the UPVC doors were a real leap forward. Now composite doors are favoured for a front door and UPVC tends to be the material of choice for back doors.

Whether you are seeking a single door, French doors, sliding doors or patio doors, UPVC formats can be perfect for your home.

New show room.JPG

Aluminium is the perfect material for bi-fold doors, sliding doors and front doors with a contemporary design.


The strength of aluminium and the way that it can respond to high and low temperature ranges makes it the perfect material for larger installations. Like with UPVC products, we are able to supply aluminium doors in any colour you choose - we have 30,000 colours to choose from and a colour matching service.

Three doors.JPG

Every home should have a composite front door! If you still have a wooden front door and decide to switch to composite, you will be impressed with the difference it makes in terms of the reduction in heat loss. The additional noise insulation will also delight you.

Composite doors are manufactured with a range of materials which can be moulded into a shape. This flexibility provides you with a stunning choice of designs. 

Triple and double glazed.jpg

Do you need double glazed windows or should they be triple glazed? How do you choose? Find out more here.

Home improvement Centre.jpg

Are you looking for a new conservatory? Visit our dedicated conservatory website - Suffolk Conservatory

New windows and doors in any colour

Green and black.jpg

All new windows and doors are available in a range of 30,000 colours. Colourchange, as the name suggests are colouring specialists. Working together we can provide you with UPVC or aluminium products in any colour.

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