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Aluminium Front Doors

Costing a great deal more than a composite door so why are aluminium front doors popular?

When you examine the data about thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation, strength and maintenance of the finish, there’s nothing to choose from between a composite door and an aluminium door.

Where aluminium scores above a new composite door is with design and structural stability.

Aluminium will always give you a crisper, sharper line, if you are looking for a contemporary door design and want the harder metal looking finish, then aluminium could be an option.

UPVC and composite doors can both suffer from flexing and warping. This is generally caused at extreme ranges of heat, particularly when an interior side of a door has a higher or lower temperature than the exterior surface. This results in the door getting harder to open and the locking mechanism getting tighter.

The structural strength of aluminium exhibits exceptional resistance to the temperature changes and operates perfectly in all conditions.

If you would like a brochure about aluminium front doors please click here for the aluminium door brochure.

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