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New Doors for your home

Whether you are looking for composite doors, aluminium doors or UPVC doors to replace your front door, or you are looking for bi-folds, French doors, patio doors or sliding doors, you will find examples at our show rooms in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge.


You may hear the term “entrance system” used rather than a door –  but we still like to call a door a door!  Manufacturers compete with each other to create a door that they can say is better than a competitor's so they define the frame, slab and locking mechanism differently and put them together as an “entrance system”.


At Suffolk Windows and Doors we get to see all the reps, hear all the developments and choose what we believe are the best manufacturers in terms of value for money. We also recognise that how a door looks is more important to the vast majority of our customers than whether it has a U value that is .003 better!


As a division of Colourchange UPVC we also have the ability to change any door to any colour that you want. Colourchange UPVC are specialist suppliers to retail and trade, working together we will get you the very best value doors.

Not all front doors are the same

We hardly ever supply a UPVC front door, the majority of customers opt for a composite front door. Aluminium front doors are also an option, these are much more expensive but are a premium product that is less likely to be effected by the heat as UPVC and Composite doors can be. There is a new product being introduced to the market which uses a aluminium or steel outer frame which combines the potential benefit of a timber and composite material with the rigidity of the metal surround. We are seeing how these develop and if the prices become more competitive.

What is an entrance system made of?

Or should we say what are the parts of a front door? When doors are manufactured they are built to an exact size that we give them following a site survey. This means that the frame is made at the same time as the door. The door is often referred to as the “slab”. This ensures that the sizes match exactly for the draft exclusion system, whether rubber or brushed pile and locking mechanisms. Finally the hardware is supplied with the package; handles, letterbox, knockers, spyholes etc.

Back doors and side doors

The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in some of the most significant shifts in how people used theirs homes. Lockdowns and increased time spent working from home changed the perception, and use of rooms. Windows were changed into French doors, sliding doors and bifolds were introduced to create lighter and brighter spaces and rooms were transformed into offices.


For large sliding doors and bifolds we always recommend aluminium, the rigidity and strength of aluminium ensures you have a free flowing, strong and easy to use product. It is well worth a visit to our show room to see how these work and imagine how you would use them in your own home.


Find out more about back doors and side doors:


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