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French Doors

French Doors.jpg

French doors – why are they called that?

As you may have guessed the design originated in France. In the early 17th Century the renaissance movement was at its peak with a desire for proportion, symmetry and pillars.


French windows were invented at this point.

Imagine the big French palaces with their tall windows with pillars either side and plasterwork above. With more glass and less frame the windows allowed more light into a property and with both sides opening allowed more air flow when open.

From the French window we saw the French door developed which meant homeowners could step through onto their balconies.

It was about 100 years later that “French” doors came to England and they have been a popular option ever since.

Made with aluminium or UPVC, they are available in a flush finish, sculptured or chamfered. French doors also have the option of a low threshold which can be fitted almost flush with existing floors.

Security is important with any door, look for multi-point locking and security performance that meet the PAS 24 and Secured by Design requirements.

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